designed in dalston

Whippet Lamp by Myra Heller now in the USA


A truly loveable lamp that comes in:
white, orange or pink

Personalise your home with one of our unique hand crafted whippet lamps. Designed by Myra Heller, each lamp is made in Germany and finished in our studio in Dalston, London using a hand made process that creates an asymmetric, natural shape that can't be achieved by mass production. We make just a few hundred each year so at £75 he's incredible value for anyone wanting something a little different.

Archie is 14 inch tall and will sit gracefully in your home (or the home of someone you like very much). He is powered by an energy saving LED bulb. You can read more about how we make our unique lamps, or see Archie in white, orange or pink.

Free delivery to the UK, add £10 for overseas.

"I'm soooooo in love with my new pet!!"
Natasha Hall, London