designed in dalston

Myra Heller's Light Art

An obsession with Art

It began in Infant School making giant clay pots and animals whenever there was enough clay. Obsessed with art, Myra left school early, got a job designing a local magazine for Haringey libraries and put on local art exhibitions.

At 19, Myra saved enough money for a 6 month journey to Mexico City and the state of Oaxaca settling in the ceramic making village of Santa Maria Atzompa, a life changing experience that inspired Myra both artistically and culturally.

That started with theatre

Myra returned to England wanting to make giant paintings, tiny models, architecture, lighting, acting, literature, fashion & jewellery - all at the same time. Theatre was the one thing that combined all these & Myra was selected as one of just 8 students for the Theatre Design course at the highly prestigious St Martins Central College of Art.

Then pop videos

After graduating she worked in film & televison before becoming art director, set designer & model maker for the pop video industry. She covered Madness in silicone rubber to make life-size models of the band for the video 'sweetest girl' and - under the guidance of famed animatronic guru Jim Whiting - designed, choreographed and operated the robotic legs in Herbie Hancock's grammy award winning video 'Rokit'. The performance was repeated live at the Grammy Awards in LA.

Now lamps and lights

Following the birth of her two children Myra gave up the world of film & television to retrain in horticulture. She founded OCRA, a privately funded organisation teaching school children in her local East London area the fun & the benefits of growing their own fresh fruit and vegetables.

Not so along ago her nephew Dominic asked her to make a model of 'Onion', a pet dog that belonged to friends. Almost by accident this model became the iconic Onion Lamp and Myra was reminded of her absolute love of the mess, the fun and the frustration of model making. Light Art had begun with our first collections of dog lamps and cat lamps.