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Top 5 Gift ideas for Whippet Lovers


Whippets have small heads, often smaller than their necks, they can easily slip a standard dog collar so a wider collar is recommended. They come in all shades and patterns, here are a few nice ones we found online when ‘shopping around’ ;

See more of these beauties on:


If you've not come across a snuggle bed before it's like a dog bed or dog mattress with a little added on soft ‘roof, creating a little dog cave. Whippets are prone to feeling a little chilly and get extra special pleasure from sleeping in a snuggle bed. Without a snuggle bed the next whippet alternative is the owner's bed...

A perfect bed for any dog who likes to snuggle up , and we all know Whippets are quite fond of snoozing under blankets. And duvets.. And rugs and throws. So a snuggle bed is the perfect bed for a whippet.

Dog bed on the picture is made by


What a bright idea! A lamp that looks like a whippet. Genius if you ask us.

There are some variations of the idea. We think it is safe to say that there is probably a whippet lamp that suits nearly every home...


Who wouldn't want a set of tea cups with a whippet or a greyhound on it? They are far more beautiful and decorative than say a cup with “I survived another meeting”, or your name in comic sans written on it.

Made by this talented lady


Again, anything featuring a whippet immediately looks nicer, wouldn’t you agree? Like the above mug, there’s clothes, (who doesn’t remember that H&M dress? ) and of course cushions.

This beaut is using a print by a talented artist called Steve Sanderson - you can see more on Facebook who specialises in painting the Northern British landscape , and its habitants, be in humans and dogs. Check him out he is such a talent!


We LOVE Susan's’ work! Susan is a Bristol based artist who creates paintings, prints, postcards and also some really nice Colouring in books - one is featuring Whippets, and it looks superb!  (Good reviews too).

Susan also has an Etsy shop.


top 5 whippet gift - archie

We make the iconic Archie, our whippet table lamp that started as a simple design project but ended with us being as in love with whippets as Archie's owners. Myra our designer adopted her own whippet - Skye. Find out more about how we make our animal table lamps.


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